'Hills' Alum Audrina Patridge Granted Full Custody of Daughter Amid Messy Divorce

Things are looking up for former MTV celeb Audrina Patridge after a judge granted her full custody of her daughter Kirra Max amid a nasty divorce from husband Corey Bohan.

Patridge filed for a divorce in September after 10 months of marriage, but first obtained a restraining order citing irreconcilable differences and claiming domestic abuse.

Days later, Bohan denied the charges of abuse in his own legal filing, but TMZ reported at the time that the day after he was notified of the restraining order, Bohan showed up at her doorstep.

He allegedly refused to leave and installed five cameras inside to monitor her. He also reportedly called her a "f---ing c--t" when she told him to leave.

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The 35-year-old father was granted visitation of Kirra, but must pick her up at the police station, according to the terms of the custody agreement, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE.

The 32-year-old was also granted custody of the couple's dog, Lady.

A judge also ordered that the two register for a communication-monitoring service that would keep records of what they say to one another.

Bohan will also be required to move out of the family's home, although Patridge is on the line for $35,000 in relocation fees.

In the midst of her family's heartache, Patridge received an encouraging message from former beau and Hills co-star Justin Bobby Brescia.


"My first reaction is the thought of the child, obviously," Brescia told E! News in September. "Me, coming from a separated family at a young age, it had its perks and it had its hindrances. My second thought is if she's okay, because she's been a longtime friend. My thoughts and my heart go out to her and her little one at this time."