Arrest Warrant Issued for 'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason After Missing Court Date

David Eason is a wanted man in North Carolina after he failed to show up to a court hearing. The Teen Mom 2 alum, who is in the midst of a split from wife Jenelle Evans, did not attend a hearing Thursday that stemmed from an allegedly illegal truck-towing incident in 2018, so a judge signed a warrant for Eason's arrest, the New Hanover Criminal Court Clerk told TMZ.

The case dates back to the summer of 2018 when Eason was shown on video illegally towing a man's truck with his own truck. Eason later shared the video, which was taken by Evans, of him towing a truck that he claimed blocked him into a parking space.

Police were not involved in the incident until months after when Eason uploaded the video to his YouTube page, captioning it, "Learn the right way to deal with a$$holes who think it's cool to block you in a parking space."

In the video, he attached a cable to the back of a truck, which is parked just inches away from a boat in the next parking spot. He then gets into his own vehicle and uses it to aggressively move the white truck. "If you're going to park this close and there's no money in the meter," Evans can be heard saying in the clip, "Pull that mother—er away."

After the video circulated on social media, the owner of the vehicle, Terry Hill, immediately took legal action, which landed Eason with charges of tampering with a vehicle and injury to personal property. Hill claimed he had legally parked within the lines of a handicapped parking space and had contacted authorities once he was made aware of Eason towing his truck.

TMZ reports that after constant requests from Eason for continuances, the court finally ordered him to appear at a hearing, which was to take place Thursday. Eason's lawyer attended, but Eason himself did not.

The latest drama tops off a tumultuous year for Eason, 31, who with Evans temporarily lost custody of their children over the summer just weeks after he admitted to shooting and killing their family dog when it nipped at their 2-year-old daughter Ensley. Evans and Eason were eventually awarded custody back of their kids but in October, Evans announced that she had filed legal paperwork to end her marriage to Eason, and said that she and the kid had moved away.


A restraining order Evans filed against Eason, claiming she feared for her and her children's life throughout their marriage, has been extended into January.

Eason was fired by MTV in 2018 following a homophobic Twitter spree, and the network announced after Eason's dog-killing controversy that it had terminated its relationship with Evans as well.