Amy Roloff Scorned for Not Inviting Matt to Jacob's 21st Birthday Party

After posting a family photo, Amy Roloff is under fire for not including an important family member in her son's birthday celebration.

On Monday, the Roloff matriarch took to Instagram to celebrate her youngest son Jacob's 21st birthday, sharing a sweet group photo with all her children.

"This gathering happened the other day, all of my kids were at the Farm house to celebrate Jacobs 21st birthday early. What a fun and blessed time being all together! Of course this momma and grandma was happy and loved it!" the Little People, Big World star wrote in the caption.

But what was meant to be an innocent family photo turned into a few fans scorning Roloff for not inviting Jacob's dad (and Roloff's ex), Matt Roloff, to the party.

"With everybody but Matt, so sad," one person wrote.

"Matt should've been there with his girlfriend as these are his children also," another said.

"Aww, Matt should have been their no matter what he's the farm and created that farm for his family and when children came!!!!! Sad he doesn't have to sit next to Amy!!!!" someone else wrote.

Some jumped to Roloff's defense, reminding fans that the two are divorced and can host separate birthday celebrations.

"This is Amy's house...they're divorced & he has his own place & can have them over as well. They're not obligated to invite each other over for anything..." one person said in Amy Roloff's honor.

"Perhaps he has the kids over without Amy. They're divorced. This is her house and her picture. I am sure he does the same," another said.

Still, someone else wondered if it would be easier for the kids to attend one birthday celebration.

"It would be nice if you all could put the past aside and include Matt and his GF to special family events," one person said. "Both u and Matt have moved on. Come together at least for your kids and grand babies."

This isn't Roloff's first time dealing with online trolls. Over the holidays, she slammed rumors that Jacob and his brother Jeremy's wife, Audrey, were feuding and avoided each other on Christmas.

In an Instagram family photo from New Year's Eve, fans noticed that while Jacob was present, Jeremy and Audrey were missing — prompting many to wonder if Jeremy's "black sheep" family member status forced Audrey, a devout Christian, to avoid the youngest Roloff boy.

When these rumors popped up in the comments of her Instagram post, Roloff was not happy. She flatly informed fans that Jeremy and Audrey were "out of town."

"To clear it up, Jeremy and Audrey were out of town for New Years," she wrote when the comments mounted.


Of course, this was confirmed by Jeremy and Audrey's own social media posts, which were geo-tagged in Brasada Ranch, Central Oregon.

Still, fans continued to debate about Roloff family politics in Roloff's comment section.