Amy Duggar Poses in Bathtub for Stunning Maternity Photo Shoot

Amy Duggar King recently revealed a photo from her stunning maternity photo shoot, posing in a bathtub. In the photo, Duggar is laying in a bathtub while wearing a black dress, and there are oranges and flowers floating around in the water around her. She is holding her belly with both hands, while lovingly looking down at her growing baby bump.

In the caption of the post, she wrote, "Each week the belly gets bigger, the wait gets shorter but the love grows so much stronger for you baby boy! #milkbathphotography." She added, "What a fun / relaxing photo shoot. My skin was soo soft too... extra bonus!" Finally, Duggar credited Samantha Tillery Photography with capturing the beautiful image.

Many of her fans and followers have since commented on the post, with one writing, "Such a beautiful maternity picture!! Never had the opportunity to have my own children but blessed with 4 stepsons!"

Oh my gosh AMY!!!! This is absolutely stunning!! Such a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing!! P.s I hope you put this on a canvas," another follower wrote.

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"You look so beautiful and relaxed. Pregnancy has a strange effect on time. The first one seems to last the longest while the others will fly by. Enjoy the last moments before the little one arrives, you will never experience it quite like this again. It’s totally different once you are expecting second or third babies," someone else offered.

"So gorgeous! Love the color choice!" one other fan commented. "With all these comments about milk, all I can think about now is those Mama Cows! They sure need some Udder Butter about now!! Bless their hearts!"

"You are radiant, and a beautiful momma to be," a fifth fan wrote. "I've enjoyed watching the bump grow, and of course all the pictures recently taken. Can't wait for the announcement when little peanut is here!"


"You look beautiful Amy. Don’t let anyone get to you. You’re really enjoying this pregnancy. As you should. It’s only for a short while. My friend just had her first baby and savored every minute of her pregnancy. You’re true to your beliefs and wanted to be modest," one last user said. "Absolutely stunning milk bath picture."

A few days prior to the new photo, Duggar shared that she was 36 weeks pregnant, so she will likely deliver her baby within the next few weeks.