'Alaskan Bush People' Reportedly Renewed for Season 10

Alaskan Bush People is coming back for another season at Discovery Channel. The show has been renewed for Season 10, according to Radar Online.

Fans are elated about the news, but no one is more excited than stars Billy and Ami Brown. The pair are "thrilled" about the renewal, Radar Online reported. A source told the outlet they learned that the show would be coming back before the news was made public. The insider said the couple was ready and willing to participate.

"Billy and Ami were just informed this week that the network would like to do another season and of course they were on board," the source said. "They were a bit worried because of lower than usual ratings last season, but after the finale brought in big numbers for them, they knew that season 10 would likely be happening."

Per the outlet's reporting, Season 10 of Alaskan Bush People will be focused on Billy and Ami's attempts to reunite their family. Radar Online previously reported that some of the couple's seven children moved away from their parents to pursue other lives. Noah Brown, 26, and his wife Rhain, for example, have moved to Colorado with their young son. The move was an effort to get some space from the famous family, according to the tabloid. According to In Touch Weekly, Noah previously assured fans that "things are great" with his family

The rest of the Brown children live nearby their parents in Washington, the outlet reported. However, Matt Brown, 37, has been spending time in California with a girlfriend for the last few months, Radar Online said. A source claimed, "He has no desire to be anywhere near his parents."

In addition to the family drama, Alaskan Bush People fans are looking forward to some potential happy moments in Season 10. As In Touch reported, viewers are hopeful they'll get to see Gabe Brown and Raquell Pantilla walk down the aisle and get a first glimpse at Noah's son Elijah on the show.

Sources are confident the payout from another season of Alaskan Bush People will help to repair the fractured family. Billy and Ami are said to be "confident" things will get better once they've pinned down a price for their participation in the upcoming season.


"Billy and Ami are confident that everyone will settle their difference and come together as a family once they see some figures," an insider told Radar Online.