'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rain Brown Slams 'Really Annoying' Claims Her Family's Show Is 'Fake'

Rain Brown is hitting back at claims Alaskan Bush People is in any way faked.

The youngest Brown daughter took to her Instagram Story Monday to clear up many of the comments she has seen on her social media or other sites claiming that things aren't really as they appear on the Discovery reality show, including persistent allegations that the Browns don't truly live their lives in Alaska or, now, on a remote Washington ranch.

"There's like a thing I wanted to talk about super quick," she started the video "So, like, I get a lot of things and a lot of comments and messages and things like saying, 'I've read this; I've heard this from this person this must be this.'"

She continued that if it's not something fans see in the show or in a reputable publication, "odds are it's probably not true."

"People love to impersonate us, and people love to say the thing that I've worked my tail off for almost eight years for is fake," the 16-year-old explained, "and honestly, it's really annoying. Because when you're out there and if you're living that life, and you used to live that life and people are like, 'That was fake, that is fake, you never did that,' it's like, but I did!"

Brown, known for her honesty with her followers on social media, added that if there were parts of the narrative that were faked, "I would tell you, because it's also a TV show."

"So it's not fake, it's just filmed and broadcasted on TV," she admitted. "So it can't be life, you know, it's not the news; it's not a live show. It's a TV show. So whatever you think of that, that's how it it."

Concluding her Instagram rant, the Brown daughter advised fans with questions about something specific to speak up in her comment section, because doubts are "really annoying" and her "pet peeve."

"I'll probably answer them if I see it or it makes sense to answer," she added of her overflowing comment section and DMs.

Prior to the Season 9 premiere of Alaskan Bush People, Brown took to her Instagram page once again to thank fans for watching and to advise them of an "absolute roller coaster" of a year, saying, "I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!"

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery