'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rain Brown Posts Adorable Dog Photo That Will Have Fans Gushing

Rain Brown is counting her blessings, among them her new pooch Jackson. On Tuesday, the Alaskan Bush People star took to Instagram to share a sweet new snap of herself with her dog, opening up about the special place he holds in her heart.

"I'm happiest when I can lay down at night and say, you did a good job today rainy, and actually believe it," Brown, who has been open about her mental health struggles in the past, wrote alongside a photo of herself and her newest furbaby, Jackson. "Today is one of those days."

"Wanted to celebrate with a picture of my son and I, this little monster has stolen my heart," she continued. "The Blurry pictures of me dodging licks are my favorites."

(Photo: Instagram / @heroofkirrkwell)

Brown, the youngest of the Alaskan Bush People siblings, had welcomed Jackson into her life back in April, the Discovery Channel star took to Instagram at the time to announce the exciting news.

"Sadly I missed national puppy day, but this is Jakson Maine Brown," she wrote. "I've only had him for two days, and this little dude has stolen my heart from top to bottom. I'm so lucky to be your mother, Jakson. I love you with every fiber of my being."

Since introducing him to her fans, Jackson has appeared in many of Brown's social media posts, and he even has his own Instagram account, Jackson Maine Brown, where he shows off his many adventures.

"Mommy likes to drive around with me, I bark at everything," a June photo of the pup riding in the passenger's seat of a vehicle read. "she loves it that's why she tells me to stop."

(Photo: Instagram / @heroofkirrkwell)

Jackson was even around when Brown briefly sparked engagement rumors. In April, she shared a photo of herself cuddling with Jackson, but it was the shining ring on her ring finger that had many gawking. Seemingly suspecting that fans would eye in on the jewellery, Brown had clarified in her post that it was "[not a wedding ring]."

Jackson is just the latest "furbbaby" to join Brown's family. Following the loss of her beloved cat Chipmunk Cheeks, Brown welcomed new feline companion PT bardum. Brown had revealed in March of 2018 that the feline, whom she had had since 2014, had passed away, and she continues to pay tribute to the beloved cat on social media.