'Alaskan Bush People': Noah Brown Reveals New Business Venture

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown is diversifying his business interests by following in the footsteps of many celebrities and launching his own Cameo profile. Fans of the show can pay Noah $40 to have him read a personalized message for themselves or as a gift. He is the latest member of his family to join the site, joining his brothers Bam Bam Brown and Bear Brown.

Noah, 30, launched his Cameo page on Dec. 22, offering fans the opportunity to get their friends and family a holiday greeting from the Discovery Channel star. "I started a Cameo account, so if anyone wants a specific video greeting for someone just let me know, there is not much time but I am confident that I can get it done in time for a special Christmas greeting," he wrote. "But I don't know what to put for a price, so I just let the app decide."

Noah received rave reviews from fans who have already ordered Cameo messages. "Thank you SO much, Noah... This brought much-needed joy to our family," one person wrote. "Thank you so much!!! It brought a huge smile to my husband's face. We are big fans," another added. "Thanks for the thoughtful video! It made for the perfect gift," another wrote to Noah.

Bear also launched his Cameo page over the weekend. His personalized messages cost $35. Bam Bam began offering personalized Cameo messages in May 2020 and is still recording them for $40.

Noah and his wife, Rhian, had an exciting year. They marked their second son Adam's first birthday in October. They are also parents to son Elijah, who was born in January 2019. The couple married in 2018. In May 2021, Noah revealed that he and Rhian are no longer living on the Brown family's homestead. In recent episodes of the show, the two discussed moving back to Alaska, but those plans were delayed while his younger sister Birdie Brown had surgery. Although Birdie and Noah visited Alaska and Noah picked his new home, Rhian said in early November they still lived in Washington. They now plan to move to Alaska in 2023.

Earlier this month, the Browns marked what would have been patriarch Billy Brown's 70th birthday. Billy died on Feb. 7, 2021, at age 68 following a seizure. "For Da's birthday I took him with me on a road trip, drank a Dr. Pepper (his favorite thing to drink) and we listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan all day (his favorite musician)," Noah wrote on Dec. 6, alongside a photo of the medallion he has dangling from his car mirror in tribute to his father.