'Alaskan Bush People' Take on 'Howling Contest' in New Clip

The Alaskan Bush People are giving the wolves that share their new Washington home a run for their money.

In a clip from Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery reality show, Matt, Gabe, Snowbird and Rain Brown are biding their time waiting for mom Ami, dad Billy and brother Bear to return from California, where Ami is having important tests done in regards to her cancer recovery.

"As the sun descends over northern Washington, the kids gather around the fire for their first evening meal since Billy, Ami and Bear departed for California," the narrator explains in the clip.

In addition to keeping up on the progress on the family's new homestead, including the barn Billy is looking to as the family's future, the remaining Browns are trying to keep calm despite their nerves over the test results. Rain, 14, suggests the kids create a competition to amuse them as they enjoy the hot chocolate Matt, 35, has prepared.

Brother Gabe, 28, immediately suggests a howling competition, for which Rain immediately lays down the ground rules.

"We all start at the same time, we howl, whoever lasts longest wins," she says.

"Loser has to lick a rock?" Gabe adds.

"Done. I love it," sister Snowbird, 23, agrees.

As Matt tells his siblings to "ready your howls," the three all take a wide stance and throw their heads back in the air, letting out a powerful howl.

Gabe starts strong, but ends first, with Rain petering out soon after and Snowbird claiming victory.

"Gimme the stupid rock," Gabe grumbles, as Matt reassures him, "That was good! You definitely lost, but it was very powerful."

Readying himself to lick the large, muddy stone, Gabe gives a toast, saying, "Here's to all the howler monkeys, wolves and wannabes of the world united!

At that, he swipes his tongue across the rock, coming away with a dirt-covered tongue that seriously grosses out his siblings.

While the competition may seem silly, it definitely kept the kids' minds off their mom while she found out if her initial cancer-free diagnosis meant the disease was simply gone for now, or gone for good.

What will the test results reveal about the Browns' future? And will the Brown kids make enough progress while their parents are away?


Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery