'Alaskan Bush People' Drop Clues They May Be Filming Season 8 Without Ami

Alaskan Bush People stars have been spotted in the wilderness again, despite their matriarch’s [...]

Alaskan Bush People stars have been spotted in the wilderness again, despite their matriarch's worsening condition in Los Angeles. The family's absence from their Beverly Hills mansion fuels reports that they may be filming season 8 — without Ami Brown.

The Browns halted their reality show and left Alaska for California to give Ami, who has stage 4 lung cancer, proper treatment in a more civilized area. She was receiving a second round of chemotherapy at an LA hospital while the family lived together nearby.

Last week, it was reported that the 53-year-old's weight dropped too low to continue the treatment, so doctors gave her a break in hopes she could regain her strength and put on a few pounds. The reported pause in her treatment is brief, but a time frame has not been given.

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Despite the matriarch's unstable condition, other members of the Brown family have been spotted at their new homestead in Colorado.

The Browns weren't expected to return to the home until they began shooting new episodes of Alaskan Bush People, so the family's arrival in Trinidad, Colorado, leads to speculation that they could be filming season 8 in their new home without Ami.

14-year-old daughter Rain Brown has taken to social media to share glimpses of her time in Trinidad, which she geo-tagged the town in a post on Monday. The young Discovery Channel cast member shared photos while hiking, drinking a hot beverage as snow fell, and dressing up as "Rain Brown from Alaskan Bush People" for Halloween.

Breathtaking... #nofilter #sundayhike #stayhappy #staystrong #CO #sisterphotographer

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The youngest Brown daughter also posted a few cryptic messages on Snapchat last week, further fueling speculation that ABP has begun filming new episodes.

"Just got off work! What am I working on you ask? You all may never know MUHAHAH jk you'll find out soon!" Rain wrote over a recent selfie. In another post, she teased, ""Why am I up so early and why do I look like a mess? I don't know… you're just going to have to find out soon!"

Rain calls herself a Production Audio Technician on her social media and the cast member has previously shared photos of herself holding sound equipment during filming of Alaskan Bush People and other projects.

Also out of town, Ami's husband Billy was also spotted outside of California last week; a fan snapped a photo with him outside a gas station in Sanders, Arizona.

As multiple members of the Brown family are using Ami's break in chemo treatments to get out of LA, InTouch Weekly reports that Ami may have left to visit Colorado as well, citing a "Alaskan Bush People Exposed" page. This has not been confirmed, however.

Photo credit: Discovery Channel