'Alaskan Bush People' Couple Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Are Having a Baby Boy

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are welcoming a baby boy! Days after revealing their separation, Adams took to her private Instagram to reveal the gender of their child. The couple's romantic relationship has been going up and down in recent months, though it appears they are presenting a united front when incomes to the baby.

In a photo posted to her private Instagram, Adams revealed the baby's gender with a photo of an adorable blue baby onesie, with a matching hat, socks, little shoes and a stuffed bear. The photo was accompanied with the words "It's A Boy!"

"Let the adventure begin [blue heart emoji, smiley face emoji]," she wrote in the caption of the post. Se also included the hashtags "#babybrown #babybear #alaskanbushpeople."

The gender reveal comes just a few days after Brown announced he and his ex-fiancée had separated for the second time on his private Instagram, writing: "Hey everybody! I have some news I'd like to share! Once again Raiven and I have decided that we are better as friends! So we've gone our separate ways!"

At the time he revealed the couple planned to still co-parent their child amicably.

"We however are still both looking forward to raising our little miracle as co-parents," Bear explained, adding of the timeline, "We actually broke up a few weeks ago, Raiven had been getting a lot of people sending her stuff so I thought it was better to wait the week or so before I posted about it!"

He ended with a plea for fans to leave Adams alone despite all the drama. "Please don't tag Raiven in my posts, it’s been hard enough on her without the added stress!" he wrote. "If Raiven or I decide to date anyone in the future! We will both be okay with it! We just want everybody to be happy!"

"I won’t be dating anyone else for sometime! I still have feelings for Raiven!" he added. "I respectfully ask everybody to please give her some space and peace of mind! Thank you for all your support! Stay AWESOME and God bless!!"

When the couple first split in September, Adams said that as a gay woman she did not see herself with a man. Still, the couple reunited for a short time in October before their latest breakup.


"To anyone who's straight or maybe even bisexual, that comment doesn't make very much sense," she continued. "You think why couldn't I just make it work, or try harder or so on? It just doesn't work like that... and I was honest about that every day of our relationship. We gave it our best shot and as good of a friend, and relative."

She continued, "Bear wasn't very good at relationships, and mostly because he hadn't had one before me. And anyone who's dated 9/10 your first love is never your last, because you have to learn lessons in life. And learn lessons in relationships to become the person you need to be to be good in a relationship."