'Alaskan Bush People' Star Billy Brown's Memoir Selling for Exorbitant Prices Following His Death

Alaskan Bush People fans are mourning Billy Brown, but they may have a hard time getting their hands on his memoir. Brown self-published his autobiography, One Wave at A Time: A True Story, in 2007. In the wake of his passing, copies of the book are selling for sky-high prices online.

Brown's book was self-published using BookLocker.com, according to information on GoodReads. That means that copies are likely limited to those that were printed back in 2007, and the scarcity is taking a toll on prices. On Amazon, One Wave at A Time is currently selling for $65.68 in a used paperback format. The book has not been converted into an eBook or other format, so there is no way around this price range for fans who want to read Brown's story in his own words.

Some copies are going for even higher prices online — particularly those that were signed by Brown during his life. These "collectible" editions can range up to over $70, even when the actual condition of them is not great.

The book is a recollection of Brown's life from his earliest memories up to 2007. The synopsis reads: "A true adventure of how a scared boy, orphaned at sixteen, grew to be a dad and husband of character as he fought to survive in the wilderness of Alaska, while running from the emptiness left by his childhood loss."

As news of Brown's passing spreads, many fans are looking for copies of his memoir and are horrified by the prices they are seeing. On GoodReads, one commenter wrote: "I went to Amazon to buy this book and they wanted too much money. I was shocked! Does anyone know why it's so expensive? Where can I get it cheaper?"


Meanwhile, those that have read the book have left mixed reviews. One Wave At A Time has an average 3.78 out of five stars on GoodReads, with many reviews complaining that the book was an exercise in self-aggrandizement. One person wrote: "I am torn between wanting to shake Billy Brown's hand and just wanting to shake him until his teeth rattle! I am amazed at all the family has survived and all that Ami has gone through and stayed by his side. I'll be honest, she's much tougher and stronger than I, for I would have put my foot down or in his rear end after the first two years!"

Brown passed away on Sunday after suffering a seizure, his family confirmed on social media. So far, more details on his cause of death have not been revealed.