'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Split Again Amid Pregnancy

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have called their romantic relationship off again as they await the [...]

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have called their romantic relationship off again as they await the birth of their first child together. The formerly engaged Alaskan Bush People couple, who split shortly before learning Adams was pregnant only to reunite weeks later, is back off and looking to stay just friends, Bear revealed on Instagram Wednesday.

Sharing a photo of his face above a bonfire with the words "Live and let live" edited over top, Bear wrote on his private Instagram, "Hey everybody! I have some news I'd like to share! Once again Raiven and I have decided that we are better as friends! So we've gone our separate ways!"

The couple is planning on co-parenting their child, regardless of their complicated history together.

"We however are still both looking forward to raising our little miracle as co-parents," Bear explained, adding of the timeline, "We actually broke up a few weeks ago, Raiven had been getting a lot of people sending her stuff so I thought it was better to wait the week or so before I posted about it!"

He ended with a lengthy plea for people to leave the pregnant mother of his child alone despite all the drama. "Please don't tag Raiven in my posts, it's been hard enough on her without the added stress!" he wrote. "If Raiven or I decide to date anyone in the future! We will both be okay with it! We just want everybody to be happy!"

"I won't be dating anyone else for sometime! I still have feelings for Raiven!" the Discovery star added. "I respectfully ask everybody to please give her some space and peace of mind! Thank you for all your support! Stay AWESOME and God bless!!"

Back after their split in September, Adams explained that as a gay woman, "being with a male wasn't right for me."

"To anyone who's straight or maybe even bisexual, that comment doesn't make very much sense," she continued. "You think why couldn't I just make it work, or try harder or so on? It just doesn't work like that... and I was honest about that every day of our relationship. We gave it our best shot and as good of a friend, and relative."

She continued, "Bear wasn't very good at relationships, and mostly because he hadn't had one before me. And anyone who's dated 9/10 your first love is never your last, because you have to learn lessons in life. And learn lessons in relationships to become the person you need to be to be good in a relationship."

In October, Brown revealed the two had decided to "give it another shot," writing on Instagram, "After having been separated for a little bit, we found we still had feelings for each other. So we're going to give it another try."

Photo credit: Discovery