'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Are Super Confused About the Brown Family's Accent

"Are folks in the Alaskan wilderness supposed to have an accent?" Fans of Alaskan Bush People find themselves asking this question more often than they'd probably care to admit.

The Discovery Channel series follows the Browns, a family that lives remotely in the woods of Alaska. Throughout the show's several seasons though, fans have picked up on the fact that the Browns have accents that don't really line up with where they're from.

So many fans of the show were asking about their accents that the family actually ended up addressing it in their video confessionals.

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"We never realized that anybody in the family had an accent," father Billy Brown said. "We didn't realize it at all — I don't guess we heard it, and then all of a sudden, everybody's talking about 'their accents.'"

Bear Brown, Billy's 25-year-old son, also addressed the controversy, claiming, "I don't hear anyone in my family have an accent."

The odd accent has hints of southern twang, which would make sense for Billy and Ami, who are originally from Texas. The kids however, are a different story. Throughout the show, plenty of fans have questioned the accent, going as far as to say it can be distracting when they think too much about it.


Many have even started theorizing about where the accent could be from.