Adam Levine Wants His 'The Voice' Co-Coach Kelly Clarkson to Do Something Wicked to Blake Shelton

The Voice is a few episodes away from naming its newest winner and the competition is getting heated among the coaches.

In a recent interview, Adam Levine encouraged fellow coach Kelly Clarkson to start being more cut-throat toward country star Blake Shelton. Shelton and Levine have had a playful rivalry on the show since the first season.

"She doesn't bust him as much as I do," Levine told Entertainment Tonight about about how Clarkson has helped him mess with Shelton this season. "I wish she went a little harder. She'll slap him around, but she won't stomach punch him."

"I want to see some stomach punches," Levine joked further. "I want her to punch him in the face."

Clarkson responded to Levine's claims, adding: "I'm trying to keep a little level of tact on the show."

Levine, however, kept pushing Clarkson to take down the competition.

"I want hereto punch him in the nuts," he added, showing during the video interview how she should do it.

"I'm so short, I'm like right there," Clarkson added.

Seeing Clarkson slowly getting to his side about a potential Shelton beatdown, he started suggesting more moves, including a "Cher, Moonstruck slap."

"Oh, if you give him a slap, it gets both balls in one," Levine joked.

Moving on from potential physical violence, Clarkson opened up about the coaches' rivalry on the series, and their collective admiration to one another outside of the competition.

"I think we genuinely respect each other as artists and humans," she told ET.

"More or less," Levine joked before Clarkson whacked him.

The addition of Clarkson to the coach lineup last season breathed new life to the long-running singing competition series. Her pop and country roots provided some competition for Shelton, as they frequently battle for the attention of country singers who audition for the show. Clarkson surprised many viewers when a member of her team won her first season on the show in early 2018.

Aside from the lifelong friendships made during the show, Shelton recently opened up about why he loves being on The Voice so much, revealing he gets a "rush out of working with these artists that... make it onto the show."


"Being a coach on The Voice has really kind of revitalized my excitement for this business again, you know," Shelton told ABC News Radio in early November. "Because it's easy to kind of fall into a rut, you know, and this definitely keeps me from doing that."

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.