Abby Lee Miller Will Reportedly Have a Lonely Thanksgiving Behind Bars

It appears the incarcerated Abby Lee Miller won't be having a happy Thanksgiving.

The former Dance Moms star is currently serving a 366-day prison sentence in Victorville, California, on charges of bankruptcy fraud and failure to declare a significant amount of Australian currency she brought into the country.

In prison, Miller will not be receiving a traditional Thanksgiving meal, an inside correctional source tells Radar.

"Abby Lee is going to miss eating Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall, as the meal is served at 11 a.m. and she will be in visitation during that time," the insider said. "However, she will be allowed to pick up her to-go box at the Officer in Charge's office outside once her visitor leaves, which will be 3 p.m."

"Unfortunately, by the time Abby gets her meal, it will be cold," they continued.

The insider also dished on what the prison holiday meal will look like for Miller. It will include: "dried up" turkey, canned cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed and sweet potatoes, a roll, a slice of pumpkin pie and a slice of pecan pie.

Miller's guest has not been disclosed, but the source told Radar that she will be meeting with a book publisher to discuss a possible book deal.


The insider also revealed that the former Lifetime star has been having a hard time making friends with her fellow prisoners.

"She still doesn't get it that the women cannot stand her," they said. "They make sure they go out of their way to drop trash when she's sweeping and purposely leave a mess that she has to clean. She has not learned to be humble and grateful."