'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Allegedly Broke up With Boyfriend on Instagram

90 Day Fiance fans were a bit shocked when star Larissa Dos Santos Lima broke off her relationship with boyfriend Eric Nichols. The pair had been dating across eight months and the split came as a shock to pretty much everybody, including Nichols according to InTouch Weekly.

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According to his recent Instagram posts, the reality star reportedly broke up with him over DM on Instagram. The post on his public Instagram lays out why his now ex-girlfriend lost her cool and called off their relationship over the social media app.

"After posting this to my story, she DM’d me via Instagram very upset, accusing me that I didn’t invite her, so on and so forth, although if most fans remember, she herself had been sharing excitement in her stories over the upcoming Colorado trip for the past couple months and was literally talking with one of my brothers about it THE NIGHT BEFORE," Nichols wrote on Instagram. "When I had put my phone down to shower and show my house to a future tenant, I got a call from my mother about an hour later asking “are you doing okay?” And she said 'I saw a post from [Larissa] on FB that you’re parting ways' I didn’t think much of it and said 'i’m not sure, I haven’t seen it yet, but will soon. We’ll be okay, these arguments happen between us often” like when she archives our photos from Instagram when she’s upset.'"

Nichols continued talking to his mother and then finally got back to his Instagram DMs to see the bad news from his former girlfriend.

From there, I realized I was blocked and the apology DM’s were already packed. Here’s the thing.... lots of fabrication, secrets, stress, endless arguments, and hoops that turned into spirals, but there were some high level times," he wrote. "I don’t wish this girl good luck or bad luck, I just wish her a new boyfriend.... or husband. In the history of an 8 month ordeal I am appreciative of certain outcomes."


While it might seem an odd way to end a relationship, Lima has not shied away from drama since arriving in the United States as part of the 90 Day Fiance slate. Her marriage with ex Colt Johnson was highlighted by potential legal issies, bickering and the ongoing threat of deportation since the show ended. For Nichols, he actually seems relieved by the turn of events.

"All in all, I do want to give a big shout out to the haters who are instigator traders that balance out the positives. Lastly, I want to give a monstrous THANK YOU TO ALL supportive friends who follow with love&synergy!"