'90 Day Fiance': Sasha Pressures Emily Into Fitness Lifestyle, Causing Fans to Take Sides

It's no secret that Sasha is into fitness. The 90 Day Fiance star has made it quite clear that he spends most of his days focusing on his weight training. His lifestyle has begun to worn off on Emily, who has complained in previous episodes that she's been parenting their child alone, as the two begin their life in America. On Sunday's episode, Sasha put his gym mindset at the forefront when he was with Emily's family.

Emily's sister asked the two at breakfast what they would be doing. Assuming he'd say that he want to explore the new city, Sasha responded that he wanted "to train."

"Is there a gym somewhere in this district?" he asked.

Her sister responded that there is one nearby but questioned why he wanted to work out instead of learning about his new culture. At the same time, Emily also responded to her sister that she actually wanted to work out, as well.

Her sister, speaking to the cameras, said she never recalled Emily ever being that conscious of her body.

"I'm just ready to get my body back," Emily told her sister, to which Sasha responded that, "It's time, babe."

He seemed to press her on the situation as her sister wasn't buying that Emily was fully committed to this lifestyle by her owndoing.

"I don't think I've ever seen Emily go to the gym," her sister said in the confessional. "In high school she took marching band in order of having not to take the E-class. This probably has to do with her feeling she has to get back in shape for Sasha."

Prior to that, there was a whole debate as to what they were eating at breakfast. Sasha wasn't a fan of the sugary cereal they were indulging in.

"It's crappy food," he said in the confessional. "I have no idea how they are eating this."


Sasha ended up telling Emily's sister that it's O.K if it's a cheat meal, and told Emily it's fine as long as its a one-time thing. The whole nutrition scene came off as overbearing as Sasha pressed Emily and her family on their diet.

"We need to have a talk about how things are going to be," Emily said in her confessional.