'90 Day Fiance' Couple Karine and Paul Split Before Valentine's Day

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couple Pail Staehle and Karine Martins have called it quits ahead of Valentine's Day, leading them to mourn their loss rather than celebrate their love.

The couple split up after Staehle accused his partner of cheating on him again and revealed on social media that he holds receipts to prove it.

"Karine has ordered I leave Brazil," Staehle wrote on his now-deactivated Facebook account on Monday. "I wish you and Joe the best."

(Photo: Facebook / Paul Staehle)

He continued to claim that he uncovered "sexual" and explicit private conversations between Martins and a man named Joe Devito, who has apparently been acting as her trainer on her fitness journey.

While Staehle claims the messages were pretty intense, Before the 90 Days cast member Abby Saint Germain commented on one of his posts to defend Martins' relationship with Devito.

"Joe is a good guy and he's gay. He was just helping Karine with her workout," she said.

Staehle wasn't convinced of their innocence and threatened to post receipts of his ex's private conversations, but he eventually backed out.

"I don't want to get reported for posting nudity or sexual explicit posts," he wrote in a now-deleted post. He also apparently posted a link to a lawyer's page who specializes in revenge porn cases.

While fans cannot judge those private conversations, Martins and Devito have engaged in some seemingly flirty banter on their public social media pages.

On Martins' Instagram post in January showing off her pushup form, Devito commented, "Try the 'from the knee' variation that I gave you," adding a smiley face. Since the split, she has set her Instagram page to private.

(Photo: Instagram / @karine_staehle)

On his Instagram, Martins commented on one of Devito's arm-flexing, smile-flashing selfies with some suggestive emojis: heart eyes and kiss face.

This is also not the first time Staehle and Martins have called it quits over cheating rumors. They previously broke up after he found explicit messages between Martins and a man named Alex, leading them to split briefly in 2017.

This time, though, fans claim that their breakup could run into major complications based on theories that the pair were more than engaged.

The couple got engaged during season one of Before the 90 Days, and after cameras stopped rolling, Staehle moved to Brazil to live with Martins. But it seems as though the couple may have gotten married following the first season of the reality show as Martins changed her name on social media from her maiden surname to Staehle.


The couple never confirmed their potentially secret nuptials, but Staehle sent another message to fans assuring them that, for now, whatever relationship they shared was no more.

"Back to square one… Better luck next time I hope," he wrote.