'90 Day Fiance' Star Paul Staehle’s Home Was 'Severely Burglarized'

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Paul and Karine Staehle are still shaken after their home in Manaus, Brazil was "severely burglarized," with the thieves taking everything from valuables to stuffed animals in the raid. While no one was hurt and the TLC family appears to not have been home at the time of the invasion, Paul took to Instagram to share the trauma with his followers on Friday, revealing photos of the ransacked home.

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"I discovered today that our home was severely burglarized in Manaus," he began. "They entered my balcony door and took everything of value.. even Karine stuffed animal collection My stuff [7-month-old son] Pierre's stuff Karine's stuff .... I am devastated...."

Paul revealed on his Instagram Story that the burglars even stole a small tub in which they bathed their infant son, adding "WTF!" to the revelation.

Karine also sounded off on what had happened, writing on her Instagram Story in Portuguese, "We work together to have everything we have and people take it effortlessly. But we are fine. [This is] what matters now, and we will work together again to get everything that was taken."

Paul's mom Mary Edna was quick to offer her support during the tough time, commenting, "So sorry Paul. You and family ok. #1 main thing. Material things can be replaced."

"I know it is sad, but evil bad things happen like this sadly," she continued. "You have the most precious with you, your family and they are ok remember that."

Other followers and friends of the reality personality also made sure to be there for the family.

"That is just awful!! So sorry to hear this!" one wrote, as another noted, "Wow:( Whats wrong with people today? Hard working people being robbed by complete degenerates. Ugh so depressing. I am so sorry:("


"This is terrible news!" a different user added. "Hopefully those things can be replaced and luckily no one was home or hurt."

Photo credit: TLC