'90 Day Fiance' Star Paola Mayfield Slams Troll Who Commented on Postpartum Bikini Photo

Paola Mayfield doesn't stand for those who try to come at her for posting photos in her bikini. [...]

Paola Mayfield doesn't stand for those who try to come at her for posting photos in her bikini. The 90 Day Fiancé star didn't hesitate to clap back when a troll tried to tell her she had "no f—king respect" for husband Russ Mayfield after she showed off her hard work in the gym after welcoming son Axel less than a year ago with a picture of herself emerging from the pool in a teeny bikini.

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"Between hot and cold," Mayfield captioned the sexy picture, which quickly drew both positive and negative attention from her followers. On critic in particular wrote, "She has no f—king respect for her husband," which prompted the TLC star to put them in their place.

"Who you think took the picture?" she responded simply and sassily.

The model had plenty of people backing her up under her comment, slamming the salty commenter for having such an antiquated view on the female body.

"That's the most ridiculous comment I've ever heard! What should she wear in the pool? A burka?" one follower wrote. "Lol omg She's a beautiful woman enjoying her holidays.. get over yourself."

"How is posting a photo of her in a bikini having no respect??" another asked. "What era are you from?!!! Like wow her body is showing?!"

A third added, "So wearing a bikini means you don't respect your husband?!? That's news to me. Maybe you should just unfollow her and stop the negative comments."

Mayfield is especially proud of her fit figure almost a year after giving birth, opening up about how difficult her changing body was for her in a July Instagram photo showing her body two weeks postpartum versus seven months.

"Honestly, I was hesitating to post this picture. I know people are probably going to body shame me but I don't care. I want to show the reality of a body that has gone through so many changes and of course show you that I'm so proud of where I am right now," she wrote. "The hardest part for me was gaining back my strength bc training for me isn't just about being skinny which that can only be obtain by a caloric deficit."

"Being able to train like a beast that was my goal and let me tell you, I'm getting closer and closer!" she added. "I want you to see this as a motivation, having a baby takes a lot of our time and energy but I'm trying my best to find that time and energy to keep going and reaching my goals."

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