'90 Day Fiance: The Other Way' Star Tiffany Franco Smith Reveals Weight Loss Transformation

90 Day Finance: The Other Way star Tiffany Franco Smith is showing off her weight loss! The mom of [...]

90 Day Finance: The Other Way star Tiffany Franco Smith is showing off her weight loss! The mom of four has already shed 20 pounds after giving birth to her baby girl, Carly, back in July 2019. In January 2020 she took to her Instagram stories to reveal a before and after photo she had taken to show her transformation, which can be seen on In Touch Weekly.

Viewers have followed her journey to find love with her now husband, Ronald Smith. The two found love during their trip to South Africa and now share four kids together, including her son, Daniel, from a previous relationship. She's not only allowed her fans to walk with her during her pregnancy, but now she's keeping them motivated with her fitness goals.

While she's staying positive for herself and her followers, not all of them have taken kindly to her motivation. When she shared a throwback photo of herself following her daughters birth, one follower threw some shade at her, but she fired back with a kind response. "How does it make you feel when I say I'm in love with me? And that I enjoy myself and looking at myself? Does it cause you to feel angry? If it does you probably hate yourself and have a deep desire to love yourself. However I advise you to not project that onto me. What you feel towards yourself has nothing to do with me."

Just two weeks after giving birth to Carly, the couple decided to give their fans a first glimpse of their sweet daughter as they gushed over her on social media. In a video, Smith was seen holding their daughter underneath a navy blue blanket as she sat on her mom's chest. They also referred to Carly as a "daddy's girl" and fans loved it.

"Carly's arrival into this world was a mother's biggest sacrifice, the giving-birth part. But she was worth every contraction, every cry, all of it!" she told PEOPLE. "When they put my baby on me, all of my pain was gone and all I felt was her warmth and the love and support of my family."

She also admitted that as soon as she found out she was pregnant, they immediately started brainstorming for names revealing that they "struggled every day."

"We struggled every day trying to find a name we were in love with. From early on until three months before her arrival, her name was almost Camila! But then I would talk to my belly and it didn't feel right," she said, adding that Carley "just came to me out of nowhere, but it felt so right."