'90 Day Fiance's Larissa Declares 'War' on Evelin Over What's Happening With Corey

War is brewing in the 90 Day Fiancé fandom. After 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Evelin Villegas called 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Larissa Dos Santos Lima an unsavory name after allegedly going on a date with her fiancé Corey Rathgeber, Lima took to Instagram on Thursday to clear the air and fire back.

"Hey, guys, I would like to clarify the recent events," Lima said prior to seeing Villegas' Wednesday accusations, according to In Touch Weekly. "As everyone knows, Corey [likes] to travel and meet up with other cast members, and we met. We had drinks, we played slot machine games and talked a lot about life. Nothing happened, not even a kiss. I posted our picture because it was an innocent date, and we are both adults."

Lima's attitude seemed to shift, however, after seeing the video in which Villegas called her "a frickin' whore" and said that she "should be more respectful toward other women."

"If she believes she is in a relationship, she should talk to her man to find out what happened instead of [making] assumptions about someone she does not even know well," Larissa continued. "I gave her advice and support when she [came] crying out, asking me how [to] deal with haters in my [direct messages]."

"Corey and I were not trying to 'announce' a relationship for publicity," she said, addressing Villegas' claim that their photo together had been evidence of a "date." "I'm still single and ready to find my king."

To prove her point, Lima reportedly shared text messages exchanged between herself and Rathgeber later in the day, captioning the screenshots, "Do you want [a] war? Let's go to war. Let's clarify who you are, OK. Deal with your problems with your man without [getting] me involved."

Lima went on to "expose" Villegas, alleging that she overstayed a previous visa and was deported, which she claimed was the reasoning why Villegas did not want to live in the United States. She also claimed that Villegas had been caught exchanging sexual text messages with an ex before going on to address Villagas' relationship with Rathgeber.

"It is funny [that] he [is] telling you I look like Michael Jackson when he was begging me last night for a kiss," she said, "but in fact I thought he was too small for me, and definitely he is not my type. … Now deal with your man and leave me alone!!!!! You are the only one that broke up with him days ago because he was following the ugly fans that you hate."


The drama between the two TLC stars was sparked after Lima and Rathgeber were spotted together in an Instagram post. Addressing rumors that the image was evidence of a blossoming relationship, Rathgeber wrote that they "met up as friends."

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