'90 Day Fiance': Anna's Oldest Son, Joey, Tells Mursel Their Wedding Is 'Stupid' as Feud Continues

Perhaps the longest standing riff in this season’s 90 Day Fiance has been between Anna’s oldest son, Joey, and her fiance, Mursel. Throughout the season, there’s been multiple times he has let it be known that he isn’t accepting of the man his mom is marrying. On Sunday, the two had their biggest confrontation while trying on tuxedos for the big day. Accompanied by his mother and brother, Joey and Mursel came out of their stalls with their suits on and quickly began communication via Mursel’s communication app.

After noticing Joey wasn’t showing any sign of excitement in his face, Mursel asked him about why he isn’t happy about the wedding. He responded that he doesn’t know which led to the Turkey native asking if he wants his mom to marry him.

"No," he responded. "Because it's stupid."

Speaking in his confessional, Joey shared that Mursel is “just there” and he doesn’t care to build a relationship with him.

"I think that marrying Mursel would be even more a burden for my mom," he added. "I think my mom can change her mind if she wants to."

Mursel pressed him further, telling him that he's been being rude to him and mistreating him, to which Joey brushes the idea off, telling him that, "It's not about what makes you happy."

When asked by his mother if he wants Mursel to not be here, Joey perks up and says, "Is it that easy?"

"These boys need to be mad at their momma, not Mursel," one user wrote on Twitter.

The riff between her children and Mursel stems from his refusal to share with his parents back in Turkey that Anna has kids prior to their marriage. There's a cultural difference that is causing him to keep them a secret. That, along with their mother rushing into a marriage, hasn't made things easy for them.

Another viewer responded to the scene, "The problem, Anna, is Mursel refuses to acknowledge your children's existence. They see it. We see it. Why can't you?"

The children eventually chatted with Anna at a picnic table later in the episode where the youngest child wondered in his mother would leave them to go to Turkey. She shut down that idea, but continued to see all three of kids voice their concerns over marrying Mursel.


"He hasn't given Mursel a chance. He doesn't know Mursel," Anna said in her confessional before crying. "Maybe they're not supposed to be happy... it just doesn't seem like anything works out. I'm always battling for everything."

90 Day Fiance airs on TLC at 8 p.m. ET on Sundays.