'90 Day Fiance' Star Loses 135 Pounds and Is in Incredible Shape

90 Day Fiancé's Andrew Kenton is aiming for "even higher fitness goals" after losing 135 lbs. following the end of his disastrous engagement to Amira Lollysa on Season 8 of the TLC show. The reality personality showed off his transformation on Instagram last week, revealing that he now sits between 240-250 lbs. after previously weighing in at 375 lb.s 

"I wore this shirt when I weighed 375 pounds, on the show I had fallen under 300, today I sit between 240-250 during a bulk phase and even lower for a cut," he captioned a video that showcased his figure. "Definitely not the pinnacle of fitness but I have come a long way and am aiming for even higher fitness goals. Hoping to have the calisthenic front lever down sometime next year. High hopes but if you don't try, you never achieve."

Kenton continued that he had become "very accustomed to people relentlessly dogging on my appearance" of who they think he is from what he called a "highly manufactured" reality TV show. "It is what it is, I don't need anyone's approval to be the way I want to be, I can simply be me, and in that freedom there is happiness and higher achievement," he continued. "Unfortunately the internet is a vast mob that berates and belittles."

"I persist in posting regardless because there are a few amazing people out there who take inspiration on their own journeys, pushing past their own struggles and angry mobs to achieve higher goals!" he concluded. "Never give up friends!" Kenton has taken heat online after his engagement to Lollysa ended explosively. The France native was detained when attempting to travel to Mexico to meet her fiancé, and Kenton continued to stay at the fancy resort without her while she was in a detainment facility.


Kenton insisted to InTouch Weekly in May that he "did indeed" try to help her. "I had translators calling the airport. We got a hold of all the detention centers inside of Mexico City [and] contacted the French embassy," he claimed. Asked why the story was presented the way it was on TV, Kenton responded, "I think that I ultimately do look more villainous, come off as more aggressive. To a viewing audience, it's an easier thing to assume me as a villain than it is to assume her as a villain."