'1000-Lb Sisters' Star Has a New Boyfriend

Tammy Slaton is shouting to the rooftops about the new love in her life. The 1000-Lb Sisters star is reportedly dating Mikey Mooney and has been sharing their love on social media. The Kelsey Diaries reposted a screenshot of the two on Instagram, and it's clear that Mooney is #TeamTammy. He's also shutting down chatter that he's with the reality star for his own come-up, shooting down speculation that he couldn't be with her for mere attraction or love. 

½ of the Slaton sisters is currently in a rehabilitation program as she prepares for her long-awaited weight loss surgery. "Words can't even express how safe and loved I feel when I'm with you I'm forever grateful for everything you do my love. I love you so much," he wrote on Facebook. "Cheers babydoll your the best thing to have ever walked into my life." 

Slaton and Mooney often share public messages with one another on the social media app. He revealed in advance that he would be traveling to Ohio Slaton would be in rehab for food addiction. She's been seeking treatment since late 2021 and has since reportedly been able to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating junk food while there. 

The Ashley reported that Slaton has made so much progress at the facility that she is expected to complete her stint at the center earlier than originally anticipated. With that in mind, she's able to undergo her surgery sooner. As of now, she's scheduled for weight-loss surgery in June at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mooney posted a photo of himself and Slaton holding hands– presumably taken at the treatment facility during his visit. He captioned the post: "No matter what we go through baby girl, I'll remain by your side holding your hand through it all, good and bad times I'll be right there guiding and pushing you and us to our goals in life."


The couple made their relationship "Facebook official" in May. Mooney insists he's with Slaton for love and not for the fame and notoriety that comes with it after a friend of his reportedly asked if he's trying to get on Season 4 of the show on social media. Mooney says he "chased" Slaton for nearly four years. He finally says he has his prize. 

The show has been on since 2020. It follows the Slaton sisters, who at the start of the show weighed over 1,000 pounds combined. Despite depending on one another for support, they learned how bad their co-dependency on one another and food was. As they entered their 30s with the desire of starting families and having healthier lives, they considered weight loss surgery. Amy was successful, as Tammy struggled.