'1000-Lb. Sisters': Amy Slaton Called 911 on Her Husband Just Days Before Divorce Filing

1000-Lb. Sisters' Amy Slaton reported her husband, Michael Halterman, to 911 after he became "violent" at their Kentucky home in front of their two sons. According to the 911 dispatch report, Amy, 35, claimed that Halterman, 40, began throwing things at her during an alleged heated argument on Feb. 24, reported The U.S. Sun. Halterman filed for divorce 17 days before the heated confrontation occurred. Amy and Halterman were not under the influence when the officer arrived around 2:30 pm, according to the dispatch report. The responding officer claimed that the two were fighting over their split. "Amy wants to separate, but the male doesn't want to," the report stated. The TLC star claimed Halterman eventually turned violent and threw things at her in the home with two-year-old Gage and eight-month-old Glenn present. Neither Halterman nor Amy were arrested following the altercation.

 Amy and Halterman divorced in February, five years after they married. Even though Amy didn't take legal action to file for divorce at the time, after the alleged fight, Amy relocated out of their shared family home and moved in with her sister Tammy, 36, taking the children along with her. Halterman initially filed for divorce in Kentucky on March 13, along with the dissolution of his marriage with children against Amy, according to court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun. According to a U.S. Sun source, Amy and Halterman had been arguing secretly for months, and their two children were the primary source of tension. Amy wanted her children to continue to star on their family's reality show, but Halterman did not want his sons to participate at all, according to the insider.

The source said, "Michael doesn't want the kids to be on the show, but Amy disagrees. "They have been fighting over this for months." The insider also claimed that Amy and her family considered Michael "lazy" when it came to childcare, and they felt that he was "jealous" of all the attention she gave to both of their children. Another source said Amy has been under emotional strain as a single mom caring for Gage and Glenn. According to the insider, Amy has also been feeling overwhelmed even though her sister Tammy has stood by her. Additionally, Amy's family has supported her during the split, the source said, adding, "No one in the family likes Michael."