'Teen Mom' Alum Farrah Abraham Slammed After Donald Trump Tweet Telling People to 'Die'

Farrah Abraham has made no secret about her feelings toward President Donald Trump and the many groups attacking him throughout his presidency.

Back in September 2019, the former Teen Mom star posted a tweet supporting Trump during his impeachment investigation and criticizing those trying to remove him from office.

"Hatred should be illegal & the Democrats are holding are country back with their hatred, such attention seeking wastes of spaces, I pray for them," Abraham wrote on Twitter in support of Trump's own social media protests.

Many were quick to criticize her for the comments but clearly it wasn't enough to sway anything inside the former Teen Mom. She returned to defend the president after his press event on Saturday about the ongoing efforts to combat the coronavirus that has been spreading around the globe. The issue isn't disinformation by the reality star but instead the threat her words seemed to carry.

In response to another Trump tweet on the virus and what he claims he managed to do to slow it in America, Abraham rocked the boat.

"Thanks Trump for saving our lives unlike the Democrats who want to be killed I guess by China- all Democrats go live in China and die," Abraham wrote with the hashtag "bye" to close it out.

People were quick to slam the reality star in the replies to her tweet, chastising her for telling people to go "die" while she tries to portray herself as a good mother online.

"I hope your daughter hears you telling people to go kill themselves, a real great lesson about cyber bullying," one critic wrote.

"Your daughter should be taken away by child services," another wrote, referencing recent rumors that CPS was investigating the reality mom.

"I saw this on an account on Instagram and didn’t believe someone could be this stupid. I was wrong," a third wrote.


"You two as the moral compass for a public health crisis! What a disgrace," another added including a burn on Trump too.

This is not the first time Abraham has caused rage online and it won't be the last. People are always willing to express displeasure with the Teen Mom online, even for the smallest things.