'Dancing With the Stars': See Leaked Photos of Christie Brinkley's Daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook on Set Before Tonight's Premiere

Sailor Brinkley-Cook leaped into action to get to the Dancing With the Stars rehearsal lot after mom Christie Brinkley suffered an injury to her wrist and arm that required her to undergo surgery and skip out on Season 28 altogether just hours before Monday's live premiere. In leaked photos from the rehearsal lot, Sailor looks determined and excited as she sports her supermodel mom's original costume for the night's dance, which she told Good Morning America didn't even have to be altered to fit her.

See the on-set photos here.

"Showbiz is all about getting a break, and Sailor and I both got one on Dancing with the Stars this season," Brinkley said in a statement to the ABC morning show, joking about her health scare. "Sailor joined the cast when I got mine … ouch somebody stop me, it hurts to laugh!"

The 21-year-old daughter of Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook was happy to support her mom during the tough time, explaining she was getting ready to bring home the Mirrorball Trophy in her honor.

"I'm doing this mostly for my mom! I just want to make her happy and make her proud," Brinkley-Cook told Good Morning America. "She loved doing this, she loves dancing and she loves performing and getting hurt was her worst nightmare."

"I felt this high of just attacking something I was so afraid of and it felt like something I need to do," she added. "I think it will change me."

Dancing With the Stars fans were quick to wish Brinkley-Cook luck as she learns the complicated dance her mom had been practicing in just a few hours.


Dancing With the Stars Season 28 kicks off Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: Spellman/Getty Images