'Dog's Most Wanted': Duane Chapman and Beth Tease Bumpy Ride in New Teaser

Dog's Most Wanted revealed a brand new teaser trailer for its upcoming first season, showing plenty of footage from Duane "Dog" Chapman's new bounty hunting series. In the 15-second clip, fans get a glimpse of the late Beth Chapman, who died in June of throat cancer, as well as a peek into some of Dog and his team's exciting adventures.

In one clip, Dog and a "Dirty Dozen" team members can be seen bouncing around in a truck after apparently jumping a ramp or hill. "Now you know who we are!" Dog says to a woman in handcuffs after she asks, "Who are you?" The trailer ends with a solo shot of Dog crossing his arms on the open road.

Thursday's teaser is the latest bit of new footage fans are getting for the series. In a trailer released earlier this month, Beth tells Dog about her chances of beating throat cancer. "I have a 50-50 chance to surviving it, with the chemo," she said. Later on, Dog says "This one's for Beth" as he captures a fugitive.

In that trailer, which was double the length of Thursday's, the Chapman family could be seen praying together in a circle. At one point, Beth gets out of a car to join Dog as he arrests someone.

"I love my job, but I love you more," Dog tells his wife later on.

WGN America released the first full trailer for Dog's Most Wanted in July. That trailer, the longest of the three, included more footage of Dog tracking down criminals with his "Dirty Dozen" team of bounty hunters. This is the Chapmans' first time on television since A&E aired Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, a 2017 special that chronicled Chapman's cancer battle.

The family rose to fame in 2004 with Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E. Although the show was canceled in 2012, the Chapmans launched a CMT show called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, which ran from 2013 to 2016.


Fight of Their Lives ended with Chapman being told she was cancer-free, but in November 2018, doctors discovered the cancer had returned and spread to other parts of her body. She died on June 26th, 2019 in Hawaii.

Dog's Most Wanted is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.