'Big Brother': Bella Wang Reacts to Boyfriend Nick Maccarone Snuggling With Analyse Talavera on Camera

There’s certainly a difference living inside the Big Brother house and living outside of it.

For evictee Bella Wang, she learned that the hard way as she caught on the live feeds what her boyfriend, Nick Maccarone, has been up to since her departure. Viewers of the feeds saw Maccarone snuggling up with another houseguest, Analyse Talavera, on a bed late at night.

This drew quite the response from a heartbroken Wang on Twitter.

“I understand firsthand how being in the [Big Brother] house can cause houseguests to feel extremely close to each other. Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer support Nick and his actions. NO ONE deserves to feel second in a relationship.”

She threw out a second tweet that had the photo of Maccarone and Talavera together in the bed.

“Maybe Nick and I can discuss this once he is out of the house… and go from there," she wrote.

Prior to her eviction three weeks ago, Wang and Maccarone developed a pretty strong relationship within the house as the two shared romantic moments, talked about their life outside of the house and leading up to Wang’s exit, how much Maccarone would miss having her around.

There was definitely a thorn that occasionally popped up over the first few weeks as Wang would call out Maccarone for flirting with Talavera and sometimes spending more time with her than he did with Wang. During his rein as Head of Household, Wang took offense to how much Maccarone was setting the room's television, which can access different cameras in the building, onto where ever Talavera was in the house.

Earlier in the season, Maccarone was caught making a comment to Sam Smith about Talavera as she ran back into the house from the pool, “That’s not fair dude, lookin' that good ever. God have mercy. Big Brother, you’re amazing for putting [Analyse] on the show… I’m about to drop $15,000 on a ring and propose on a whim after the show.”


Talavera, meanwhile, isn't in the clear either. She was in a showmance with Jack Matthews, who was just evicted in the last ceremony. He, though, finds himself sequestered in the jury house and won't find out about Talavera's connection with Maccarone until the show wraps up.

Big Brother airs at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday and Saturdays with the live Thursday show coming on at 9 p.m. ET.