'Counting On': Jinger Duggar Flaunts Major Hair Change During LA Trip With Husband

Jinger Duggar was flashing a new look during her recent trip to Los Angeles. The 25-year-old with a streak for being a rebel in the Duggar clan showed off her blonde hair during an outing with husband Jeremy Vuolo and daughter Felicity.

The couple moved from Arkansas, the home of reality TV family according to The Daily Mail, heading to Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo was a minister and then recently hopping to the West Coast.

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TLC cameras have captured the entire thing, so fans can expect to see a lot more when Counting On returns to the air soon. But until then, we have plenty of photographic evidence that Jinger and her family are soaking up the California lifestyle.

She was photographed on Saturday attending services at a Sun Valley megachurch, hurrying into the church to meet with the pastor for a pre-church meeting.

Jeremy Vuolo is currently enrolled in a Master's program at Grace Community Church, making the move necessary for his family. The couple sold their home in Laredo in June and hit the road for the 1,400-mile journey to their new home in Los Angeles.

Duggar and family seem to have settled right in, sharing many of their exploits on social media and meeting a few celebrities while out in public. They also got to experience two earthquakes during their short time on the coast, with one commenter asking Duggar about her experience.

"Wondering if you guys felt the 7.1 quake last night?" a commenter asked according to The Daily Mail.

"Yes, we definitely felt the earthquake. Our entire house was shaking!" Duggar responded.

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On Instagram, Duggar shared a photo with Back To The Future actress Claudia Wells, the first actress to play Marty McFly's girlfriend.

"Got to stop by [Armani Wells] and wish [Claudia Wells] a happy birthday today!" Duggar wrote on the caption of the photo with the actress.

Duggar also shared a few snaps of daughter Felicity enjoying the sunshine while watching her dad play soccer and then taking in a Los Angeles Football Club game later.

(Photo: Jinger Duggar/Instagram)

"Felicity was all about watching her daddy play soccer this morning!" Duggar captioned the one photo, with her daughter sporting a big smile.

Jinger Duggar made a lot of waves when she changed her hair color from the trademark brown sported by her siblings to go blonde. Fans of Counting On were thrown off by the look at first but quickly felt it was a great look.


"Didn’t realise this was you at first," one follower commented on Instagram. "You look amazing!!! Really suits you."

"Wow...I don't know how to feel about this! It looks good. Probably just need to get used to seeing it," another wrote.