'Teen Mom 2' Star Briana DeJesus Says MTV Needs to 'Stop Playing' With Mackenzie McKee's Emotions

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus hopes MTV will make Mackenzie McKee's casting in Teen Mom OG official as soon as possible to "stop playing" with her emotions.

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(Photo: Twitter/Briana DeJesus)

"Y’all need to stop playing with this girls emotions and let her know if she’s officially joining the franchise or not lol," DeJesus tweeted, alongside a link to a report on McKee's possible casting.

Just a week before the Teen Mom OG premiere and hours before the Teen Mom 2 season finale airs, multiple sources told Radar Online McKee will join the original Teen Mom series to replace Bristol Palin.

“Mackenzie has been filming,” one source told Radar. “She will appear in a few episodes towards the end of the season.”

Another source said McKee's appearance will only be a "trial run" to see if she can be promoted to a full-time star on the show.

DeJesus' tweet was a reference to McKee once again being in the running to return to the franchise. She was on a shortlist to join Teen Mom 2 before the slot was given to DeJesus. Then last year, she was reportedly being considered as one of the new Teen Mom OG stars to replace Farrah Abraham.

After Palin and Cheyenne Floyd were cast in Teen Mom OG, McKee openly complained about MTV's decisions. "I’ve been done real dirty this year let’s just say that," she tweeted on Sept. 6.

She later told Radar Online in September 2018 she felt MTV clearly did not want to focus on her mother Angie's battle with Stage IV brain and lung cancer.

“It’s obvious what is going on right now and that’s OK, I have nothing bad to say about anyone. I am happy for them all. These girls have a great opportunity and I hope they use it in a positive way," McKee said at the time, before saying it was a shame she could not share her mother's story of perseverance.

“Many out there have loved ones dealing with cancer and through my mom, I wanted to inspire those people out there to go out and live your best life, even if you’re told you have 4-12 months," McKee told Radar. "Some way, somehow, I will make sure she doesn’t leave this earth without inspiring the world. Unfortunately, it’s just not a story MTV is interested in.”

McKee said she has been through "dark days," survived a suicide attempt and battled mental illness. She hoped she could find a new venue to tell her stories.

It appears McKee is aware she is set to be in Teen Mom OG after she agreed with a Twitter user who slammed Catelynn Lowell's response to the news.

"If it's not broke don't fix it!" Lowell tweeted.


"Wow I thought better of you Cate. I didn't realize your'e such a mean girl. Yikes," a fan wrote, to which McKee replied, "Same."

Teen Mom OG's new season debuts on Monday, June 10 at 9 p.m. ET.