'Big Brother 20' Sends Another Houseguest Home

The Big Brother house is down another player. Swaggy C was evicted during Thursday's episode of the CBS reality show after a complex plan to betray the FOUTTE alliance went better than expected

After Steve Arienta was ousted in a close vote during the first eviction ceremony and Kaitlyn Herman was named Head of Household, things got dramatic in the house quickly.

Working with the Level 6 alliance, headed informally by Tyler Crispen, Kaitlyn planned to betray her FOUTTE alliance once again by backdooring Swaggy C onto the block.

"I'm Swaggy C, I'm still gonna try and swing some goals," the shocked player said, showing there was a little more fight in him than Level 6 would hope.

The plan was risky, putting both Winston Hines and Scottie Salton at risk of elimination, but after Tyler won the veto challenge, the way was set for an easy elimination.

"You can never be too comfortable, especially in here," Winston told the cameras.

Kaitlyn did her best to mess it up, however, breaking down and spilling her secret after feeling bad betraying her old alliance ahead of the backdoor.

At that point, however, there was little anyone could do, except campaign on Swaggy's behalf once he was on the block, to get the extra two votes needed to send Winston home.

"I do feel like you were fed a lot of miscommunication," Swaggy told Kaitlyn, playing on his relationship with Bayleigh Dayton to try and evoke sympathy.

In an emphatic finale statement, Swaggy told the houseguests, "I wanna stay in here and mix it up a little bit. ...When you go in there and cast your vote, make sure it's your vote and not someone else's."

His plea did not help, however. In the end, Bayleigh, Rockstar Lantry, Hayleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat voted to evict Winston, while Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark, Tyler, Scottie, JC Mounduix, Rachel Swindler, Sam Bledsoe and Angela Rummans voted to evict Swaggy.

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Photo credit: CBS