Kris Jenner Rips Into Kim Kardashian for Name Dropping on 'KUWTK'

Kris Jenner let her inner savage out on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians finale Sunday, mocking daughter Kim Kardashian for advertising her famous friends.

In the finale, Kim is telling Jenner and sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian about her date night with husband Kanye West when Kourtney makes it clear she's not happy about being left out from the occasion.

"But why didn't you invite me?" Kourtney asks Kim. "I told you last time to invite me."

"Because Kanye said, 'I'm taking you on a date tonight,'" Kim explained.

"It was her date night, she didn't invite anybody," Khloé said, jumping in to defend her sister.

But Jenner has had enough, saying, "It's exhausting being a member of this family."

Kim continues with her story, regardless of what her mom says, saying, "But Eddie Murphy was sitting next to us. It was like a whole thing. Like it was a real comedy show."

"Well don't brag about it if we all wanted to be there," Kourtney says, exasperated.

But Kim continues: "I'm just saying, it was so fun. And then John Mayer came out and was doing the music for like, all of his jokes. ...And then they just had this thing..."

"Wait," Jenner interrupts.

The momager gets up off her seat reaches down to the floor, showing her empty cupped hands to Kim.

"Here," she says, laughing. "You dropped another name."

Cracking up at herself, she gasps, "I was just giving it back to you."

Also promised in Sunday's finale, is the gender reveal for Khloé's first baby with boyfriend NBA player Tristan Thompson. In sneak peeks for the episode, Khloé said she's "pretty much convinced" that she was having a boy.

"I kind of am too," Kim agrees.


"I have such anxiety and nerves to find out what I'm having, but I just need Kylie to f—ing call me," Khloé admits.

Photo credit: E!