Tyler Baltierra Reveals Daughter Nova 'Cries' for Wife Catelynn in Tearful Message

Tyler Baltierra is having a hard time keeping it together for his daughter Nova while wife Catelynn Lowell Baltierra is away being treated for mental health issues.

In an Instagram video posted Monday morning, the Teen Mom OG cast member struggled to hold back tears while talking with his followers.

"Sometimes, you just don't even really know what to say to your children. I don't ever cry in front of [my daughter] Nova or anything. I don't want her to feel any of that," he explained. "You have good days, and then you have bad days. And today is just a bad day."

"But, I know I'm not the only one feeling like this. So if you're in that same boat as me, just hang in there and you're not alone and talk to somebody," Baltierra continued.

While he questioned keeping the video up on his social media page, he explained the reasoning behind posting the video.

"I'm posting this because I think it's important for people to not feel alone in their struggles. We're humans, we're allowed to have bad days, hard times & weak moments," Baltierra shared. "Don't be ashamed of what makes us humans special. You're loved. You're worthy."

"If I can at least connect with one person through this & let them know that they aren't alone in their struggles. It will make being vulnerable worth it #KeepFighting #KeepTalkingMH," he added.

While some fans speculated the video was an admission that photos of him speaking to a woman that were published in tabloids earlier this week were evidence of some kind of affair, the MTV cast member was quick to set followers straight, saying that comforting 3-year-old daughter Nova has been difficult recently.

"Omg! That wasn’t AT ALL what I was upset about," he tweeted Tuesday. "I was upset because it’s difficult when Nova cries out for her mommy & I have to keep explaining why she’s not here to hug her tears away!"

In November, Catelynn revealed that she was entering mental health treatment after experiencing suicidal thoughts.

She returned home to be with her family after the holidays in December, but soon after returned to rehab for a second round of treatment.

"Well they say third times a charm..." she tweeted on Jan. 17. "I'm going back to treatment people for 6 weeks to work on my trauma and getting on different meds. THANK YOU @TylerBaltierra I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You are my light!! And nova you are my sunshine #KeepTalkingMH."