Best Friend of 'Teen Mom 2' Cast Member Jenelle Evans' Ex Threatens to Reveal Her Secrets

If the drama between Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and her ex Nathan Griffiths wasn't enough, the drama-prone mother of two started a Twitter war with Griffiths' friend Ryan Dolph this week.

But Dolph is not taking the abuse lying down, and is threatening to release potentially damning conversations between the two.

Evans' rant came shortly after the Sept. 27 airing of the Teen Mom 2 special Being Nathan, which focused on Griffiths but featured Dolph.

"Remember YOU don't come from s**t and STILL don't do s**t with your life JUST LIKE NATHAN, if you want to compare each other's lives," she told him on in a series of deleted tweets.

"You are a two faced person and always will be, so since Nathan has no friends to film with... I chose you to be the lucky idiot," she added.

Prior to their blow up this week, The two have been trading Twitter jabs.

Dolph possibly subtweeted Evans prior to her Sept. 23 wedding to husband David Eason, tweeting two days prior,"Hope she gotta prenup..."

"You've never met David but maybe one time," Evans said on Twitter. "You wouldn't have any idea how much love that man has for me. How DARE you speak about him."

Evans appears to have scrubbed her timeline of the tirade, but screenshots of Evans' half of the exchange are circulating on several websites. Dolph, on the other hand, has left his half of the argument up on Twitter for all to see.

"Next time you got something to say Jenelle Evans or whatever the f**k your last name is now, @ my a**. I know where I come from, guess you forgot you come from the same place, b***h."

"You think you run s**t Jenelle, get the f**k over yourself," he continued. "MTV has blown up my phone wanting me to release our conversations & I didn't because I didn't want you to have to deal with David. You knew I would have your back, but you got my loyalty twisted. Want to know what truth looks like? I'll show you. We'll see who the 'lucky idiot' is when all is said and done."

Sounds like there's much more to this story. Hopefully an upcoming episode can shed more light on the situation. Teen Mom 2 airs at 9/8c Mondays on MTV.