Wendy's Offers Free Kids Meals When Ordering From Mobile App

Wendy's is providing a little relief for its customers by handing out free kids meals when individuals order through their mobile app. According to Chew Boom, ordering on the app offers any child a free meal that includes a hamburger, a cheeseburger, nuggets, or a grilled chicken wrap, plus one side and a drink for no cost. The key is to order through the app though, customers can't order it through drive-thru and get a free kids meal, it must be ordered through the app ahead of time.

Since schools have been shut down for the rest of the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wendy's and other companies who are offering up free meals for families could be a huge help to a lot of their consumers considering schools are where a lot of kids get their only meals from. But it doesn't stop there. According to Delish, the fast food chain has also offered up more free meals including their cheeseburger and breakfast baconator for customers who order via the app.

Another huge restaurant chain that offered up free kids meals at the beginning of the outbreak was Burger King. Fans took to social media to praise the popular fast food spot since many have lost their jobs and income which puts a stress on providing for their families. They too did the same thing as Wendy's by offering online and app orders to include a free kids meal with purchase.

While Burger King and Wendy's received praise from fans, Taco Bell employees weren't so happy with the chain after the franchise offered up free tacos for customers, which doubled their consumer count, exposing employees to more people amid the coronavirus pandemic. It resulted in an employee-created petition that addressed employee treatments stating, "Taco Bell recently had a 'Free taco for every customer (obviously in the car) WITHOUT PURCHASE NECESSARY.' Those of us that worked that day know it was the busiest we've seen the store since the Corona pandemic began. Corporate is literally encouraging people to come to their store in the midst of the pandemic!'"


As a response, a representative for Taco Bell spoke out in regards to the petition according to Business Insider, saying, "It's very important to us that Taco Bell remains the safest place to work and eat. We are also doing our part to provide safe meals that our fans know and love — and throwing in a free DLT [Doritos Locos Taco] to show our appreciation. Even in tough times, restaurants are considered essential businesses because people will always need to eat. This offer is available via drive-thru and carry-out only, so person-to-person contact remains limited."