UFO Expert's Mysterious Death Investigation Reveals Horrifying Details

Max Spiers was a Ufologist making a name for himself in the way of conspiracy theories. Now his sudden death back in July 2016, has turned into a conspiracy theory in of itself. The authorities have recently started an investigation into his death, half a year later.

Spiers, a native of England, was attending a conference in Poland when he was found dead by the woman he was staying with. At the time of his death, his friend had called for a doctor who was unable to resurrect him, pronouncing him dead.

max speirs
(Photo: Facebook / Max Spiers - Acts of Max)

What makes his death particularly strange was that Spiers had become ill very quickly. According to the coroner’s office, Spiers had come down with a very high temperature and was very weak when he passed. According to reports, Spiers also managed to throw up two liters of an unknown black liquid before he died.

What’s even more strange than vomiting black liquid is that Spiers had sent his mother a few days before his death asking her to investigate in anything happened to him.

“I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead,” his mother, Vanessa Bates said.

Bates has been asking for an investigation into the death of her son for months. The investigation has been put on delay for different reasons but is said to start up again in February. Hopefully, this will help give Spiers mother a bit of closure, or, at least dissolve any conspiracy theories surrounding the death.


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[H/T Telegraph]