Texas Man Allegedly Kills Father, Drives To Prison Right After

A 32-year-old Texas man was found in the parking lot of an Oklahoma prison covered in blood has been charged with capital murder. Law enforcement in McAlester, OK told PEOPLE that Jeshur Robinson is the only suspect in the murder of his father.

Officials say Robinson's 61-year-old father, Glen Williams, was found stabbed to death in his Texas home on Saturday.

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Robinson was found in his father's truck with his hands and clothes covered in blood, as well as having blood smeared on the truck itself. Authorities say he also tried to discard a bloody folding knife and that drugs were found in his possession.

When police were investigating Williams' home, the noticed "obvious signs" that there was a struggle prior to the killing. After noticing that Williams' vehicle was missing from his home, police issued a statewide bulletin in hopes of locating it. It was during their investigation of Williams' home that they were alerted to the discovery of his vehicle, with Robinson inside.

Officials say Robinson has recently served prison time for theft and drug possession charges.


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