Ryan Gosling Confirms He's In Talks For Haunted Mansion


Ryan Gosling has confirmed he is in talks to star in Guillermo del Toro's Disney film The Haunted Mansion.

Last week, The Wrap reported that Gosling was "in talks" to star in del Toro's family-friendly supernatural flick based on the theme park ride. “We’re talking about it,” Gosling confirmed to Yahoo at a press event for his directorial debut Lost River.

“That’s my favorite ride," the former Mouseketeer added. "Haunted Mansion is a whole world, it’s not just a ride, so I feel like in Guillermo’s hands it could be amazing.”

Not much is known about the film, but del Toro did say in the past that the mysterious Hatbox Ghost would have pivotal role in it.

This will be the second film based on it as in 2003 Rob Minkoff directed a film starring SNL funnyman Eddie Murphy.

Let us know what you think of a Ryan Gosling-led Haunted Mansion movie in the comment section below.



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