Robert Doherty Discusses How Elementary Manages Jonny Lee Miller As Well As Sherlock The Character

During New York Comic Con, we caught up with Elementary creator Robert Doherty and got to talk about the extremely talented Johnny Lee Miller and some of the realistic pitfalls of Sherlock.

Along with discussing the 100th episode and its director, Doherty gives a profound explanation backing the decisions that took Sherlock to be the king of the world and that caused him to stumble and find himself in the gutter.


Every once and a while those sharp turns are a result of his addiction. It's a result about him being someone who is in recovery. They tend to be more than plot or at least they feel that way to us. It happens. We're trying to be true to the spirit of what someone in recovery is going through. What we really wanted to show in the fourth season is that... it happens. It's not a good thing. But you can come back from it.

Doherty also hints that season five will get even harrier than it has been before, while also getting (somewhat) stumped on his favorite shooting location during the show's history. But his delay is due to his obvious passion for the show and he gives a perfect answer that brings everything full circle.