People Are Posting Funny Memes About Pokemon GO Servers Being Down

Pokemon GO Server Issues

Once Pokemon GO went live for U.S. gamers last night, fans rushed to their app store to download the highly anticipated game. However, it looks like a few too many people are trying to get on. After all, who wouldn’t want to become a Pokemon Master when the only things they’ve got going from them IRL are death and taxes? With Pokemon GO’s servers overloading left and right, fans are flooding Twitter to share their dismay with some funny memes.

See? Ellie Hall has got the right idea. Surely, Team Rocket must be behind the servers’ crowding issue. Jessie and James probably bribed Meoweth into distracting Nintendo’s tech team with his mouthy quips. Uh-huh, that's right!

On the other hand, Rudy Roods has a different theory entirely. In fact, he believes Team Rocket has been blasted away from Pokemon GO servers and that the nefarious Clefairy is really behind the troubling ordeal. Judging by the adorable creature’s befuddled look, it’s amazing fans have even been able to download the game at all if Clefairy is in-charge.

Other fans have extended their posts to branch into broader pop cultural phenomena because what’s one Pokemon reference when you can also bring up Pulp Fiction? User @KelbyWCorr writes, “When you walk a mile away from your house and then the #PokemonGO servers go down.” The message is accompanied by an appropriately confused John Travolta from Quintin Tarantino’s film. But, don’t worry: The references don’t stop there.


Yukishi Shitone has brought anime into the mix with her vocal complaints about Pokemon GO’s fallen servers, and Logan Bostic has likened his betrayal to feeling as if he were a drowning Whooper. The stream of tweets swell each time the app’s servers crash, so it looks like fans will be putting their GIFing skills to work as they prep for Pokemon GO’s next blip. For now, check out a few more funny yet soul-crushing posts below: