NSYNC Reunion Possible, According to Lance Bass

90's babies, prepare yourselves! 'NSYNC may be hitting the road for a reunion tour.

When the boy band — minus Justin Timberlake — reunited at Coachella to perform with Ariana Grande, fan commotion surrounding the idea of the 90's band getting back together hasn't simmered down since.

"We haven't talked about what the next step is but I know we'll sit down during the summer together and figure it out," Lance Bass admitted to Variety.

"There are many, many things coming across our desk because of Coachella that we would be stupid not to discuss and look at it," he continued. "Coachella was incredible and it was a big moment for 'NSYNC."

Although the band has never completely fallen off the grid, Grande did remind fans of how much they miss their music when she came out with her song "Break Up with Your Girlfriend," which features a popular 'NSYNC song, "You Make Me Ill." Then, she invited them to join her on stage at Coachella and from then on, things have not been the same for the guys.

Timberlake wasn't able to join the rest of the them at the summer festival but still sent kind words their way after their killer performance, posting, "You guys killed it last night," to social media.

Speaking of the lead singer himself, fans wonder if Timberlake would be up for reuniting with his former band members if they were to collaborate again — after all, he is the lead singer. Since going solo, he's had so much success as an individual artist, it's hard not to think that he may just choose to sit in the crowd. The Spice Girls can relate as Victoria Beckham chose not to join their European reunion tour because she's has a fashion empire to run. She still had kind words for her gal pals though!


In a recent interview with other boy band member Joey Fatone, he admitted that since Coachella, the band hasn't stopped receiving praises and is kind of forcing them to sit down and evaluate their options, even if it is without their lead guy.

"We have to have the conversation, even without Justin," Fatone confessed. "The whole thing about it is it's really awkward. It's not awkward, but it's weird. People will be like, 'If Justin doesn't do it, the group's not gonna do it.' That wasn't even the case. That's not even the conversation. Everyone's heads are in different times and different places in our lives."