Nickelodeon Child Star Drake Bell Sentenced to 4 Days in Jail

Former Drake and Josh star and Ultimate Spider-Man voice actor Drake Bell was sentenced to spend 96 hours, or 4 days in jail after a DUI conviction.

According to E! News, the child actor took a plea deal after a misdemeanor charge was brought against him following a DUI arrest back in December 2015. This is Bell’s second DUI charge in ten years – the first conviction took place in 2010 after being arrested in 2009. California state law states that two DUI convictions in 10 years mandate a minimum sentence of 4 days in county jail.

Bell was arrested in Glendale California last year when police stopped him after he was driving erratically. Officers also reported that the smell of alcohol was coming from Bell’s vehicle. Bell has not commented on his conviction or his arrest.

Most recently Bell has been touring, performing concerts all across the US and Mexico. He is currently scheduled to perform in the High School Nation tour that will kick off in later September. As of now, there is no news as to whether or not this conviction will affect his performances.