Nick Cannon Is Leaving The Hospital With Renewed Inspiration

After spending Christmas in the hospital, it seems like America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon might be getting out soon. The comedian posted a video to his Instagram earlier talking about ll of the great things he is hoping to accomplish in the coming year. Though it’s a few days before New Years, it looks like Cannon’s hospitalization has pumped him up for what’s to come.

Cannon was hospitalized right before Christmas due to complications with his autoimmune disease, lupus. He was diagnosed with the disease back in 2012 and only had one other incident in the past that has lead to his hospitalization. This time, however, his time under doctors care seems to have inspired him.

“What’s good? I got so much love for y’all. Thank you so much. I’m still in this hospital but I’m about to get out up here, for real, and I’m letting you know we’re about to take it to a whole new level,” Cannon said in his video.

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When Cannon posted that he would be spending the holiday away from his family, fans and friends flooded him with get well messages. He was even visited by fellow comedians Kevin Hart and Dick Gregory the day after Christmas.

In his video, Cannon goes on to talk about how he has decided to take everything to a “whole new level, different stratosphere, different mesosphere.” He says that he is getting stronger and that the love from his fans has helped him. He said that he already set into place more stand-up comedy and music in the near future for his fans.

“I want you to go on this journey with me because I appreciate all the love. I didn’t know you all loved me like that,” Cannon said. “So we’re about to just get on an inspirational journey.”

It seems that Cannon has already decided on his New Year’s resolution. He is ready to take on what come next and create something new, despite the disease he is fighting.


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