Michigan Man Arrested After Video Shows Him Wiping Nose on Store Clerk's Shirt

Police in Michigan arrested a man after he wiped his nose and face on a store clerk's shirt. According to WXYZ, the Holly Police Department said the man entered a Dollar Tree and when he was told that he was required to wear a mask according to new store policy, he objected. Instead, the man reportedly walked up to the store clerk and said that he would "use this as a mask" as he wiped his nose on her shirt.

Following that incident, police say the man continued to be loud and disruptive, then fled in a white van. The man is now in police custody and didn't hesitate to admit what he did. A warrant request will be submitted on Tuesday and no details have surfaced regarding his arraignment.

This isn't the first time since the pandemic started that someone has found themselves in legal trouble as a result of their actions. A Pennsylvania woman was arrested at the end of March after she was suspected of coughing on more than $30,000 worth of grocery store produce. Margaret Cirko was arrested and charged with terrorist threats after police say she went into Gerrity's Supermarket and claimed she was sick right before coughing and spitting on produce and other products. The 35-year-old, who reportedly has a history with authorities, also attempted to steal a 12-pack of beer from the store and continued her behavior in several aisles before she was told to leave. Store owner Joe Fasula called her actions a "twisted prank" after he was forced to toss $35,000 worth of groceries.

In early April, Jennifer Walker was arrested in Lake Tahoe, California, after she was seen licking a cart filled with items at a local grocery store. Officers responded when a store employee noticed Walker putting several pieces of jewelry for sale in her hands and then started licking them. After, she started to load her cart with various other items from the shelves and when she was approached by officers, she had roughly $1,800 in her cart with no means to pay. She was then arrested for felony vandalism and booked in the El Dorado County Jail with a bail set at $10,000.


Roughly 1.5 billion people have been practicing social distancing in hopes of slowing the spread of the virus. As hospitals have started emptying out, the push to open businesses back up before it's too late for some, is high. Currently, some states are starting to lift the lockdown slowly but surely as America attempts to get back up and running again.