Man Leaves Hospital After Being Stabbed, Stabbed Again On The Way Home

A 34-year-old man was assaulted around 7:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, receiving stab wounds to his calf and thigh. After being treated for his injuries, the man left the hospital around 8:00 PM, only to be attacked after he exited the bus on his way home.

The man's first attack was made by five men, according to what the victim told police. After he left the hospital, he took the bus, but exited the vehicle earlier than he normally did. The man was attacked once again, possibly by the same group of men.

When the victim finally arrived home, he had lost copious amounts of blood and his wife called the police around 1:15 AM. It was during his report of the second incident that he also revealed information about the first incident.

According to the victim, both groups of assailants never said a word, nor could he describe what any of them looked like. He also couldn't give police information about where these stabbings occurred.


This might sound like an understatement, but getting stabbed twice in the same night would probably ruin that night.