Logan Paul Taking Heat After Video of Him Lassoing, Kissing Women on Street Resurfaces

Logan Paul is no stranger to public criticism after he and his brother Jake Paul have been scolded [...]

Logan Paul is no stranger to public criticism after he and his brother Jake Paul have been scolded for some of their actions in the past. Now a resurfaced video that was deleted has found its way to the internet again, and once again, the Youtube star turned boxer is taking heat. In the video, Paul is filmed lassoing women as he tells them he will only let them go if they kiss him.

The video was reposted on Twitter via the MeTube account and according to the account the video was originally posted in 2014. "We have a deleted 2014 video of [Logan Paul] lassoing women in the street and not letting some go until they kiss him," the account captioned. "It was a collab Youtube video with Sam Pepper, who weeks later would be investigated by LA police for a violent sexual assault."

Several flooded the comment section with dismay, with one person writing, "What would happen if women just started straight up stabbing men when they do s— like this? I'm so sick of this s—." Someone else wrote, "Even if it's staged this crap is absolutely disgusting and unfunny," while another echoed, "Who tf thinks this is ok or funny wtf."

In 2017, Paul posted a video of a dead body in a Japanese "suicide forest" that caused an uproar from millions. As a result, he not only received heavy criticism but in late 2020 he was sued by Planeless Pictures after the production company claims the video caused them to lose a multimillion-dollar licensing agreement with Google according to NBC news. The company claims that Google pulled out of a $3.5 million deal as a result of the video.

Paul, who is now focusing more on his boxing career after he competed against Floyd Mayweather in the ring, can't seem to escape his past. He originally got his start on Vine making six second videos, eventually building up to 23 million followers on YouTube thereafter. Prior to his match against Mayweather, he noted that while he may be known as a YouTube star, he's ready to be seen as more than that.