Ladies And Gentlemen, The Longest Uber Ride Of All Time

The longest Uber ride in history has been reported, and you will not believe how far one passenger asked to go.

On June 9, 64-year-old Uber driver Janis Rogers picked up a young lady outside a Ben & Jerry's in Williamsburg, Virginia, and proceeded to take her 400 miles to Brooklyn.

The woman reportedly needed to see her boyfriend in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

After dropping the passenger off at her destination, Rogers turned right back around and went back to her home in Newport News, Virginia, according to the New York Post.

Arguably the most impressive aspect of the story is that Rogers didn't even stop to use the restroom the entire time!

“I was wide awake and kept on going. I don’t have a problem with going for a long time,” she said.

The bill for the 7-hour-and-42-minute haul cost the passenger $294.09.

The passenger didn't exactly choose the most monetarily efficient means of transportation. A plane trip from Virginia to Brooklyn would have ran her $188, a train ride would have cost $95, and a bus would have only been a $45 bill.

Rogers explained that she was more than happy to travel the long distance, which was a serious change from the average 5.4-mile Uber ride.

The Uber driver reported that the girl was "about 19 or 20" with "long brown hair."

“She was pretty," Rogers said. "She was sitting outside with a suitcase and a bag. I did not get her name. I think she had been Ubering up the coast.”

Uber driver
(Photo: Chet Strange)

When the brown-haired passenger got into the vehicle, she asked, "How far north can you take me?"

"I said, 'Well, I'm not doing too much today, so I'll take you all the way," Rogers said in response.

"She said, 'Really? That would be great,'" Rogers said.

Rogers reported that the woman "slept the entire way" in the back seat of the 2005 Prius.

“She didn’t seem excited to see her boyfriend,” Rogers said. “She was kind of blasé. She looked tired.”

Later in the evening of June 9, Rogers reached the woman's final destination on Putnam Avenue. When the two parted ways, the girl did not offer a tip.

Rogers then arrived back home at about 3:45 am.

The generous Uber driver didn't make much money on the 800 mile round-trip. After doing the calculations, Rogers made about $9 per hour for the journey.

“This was not lucrative,” she said. “I did it because it was an adventure.”

What is the longest Uber ride you have ever taken?

[H/T New York Post]


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